Marching Band

2024 Marching Band Schedule


The Enloe Eagle Marching Band is the largest competitive organization at Enloe. Our primary aim is to provide high quality, enriching, and fun experiences for our members while encouraging their academic development.


Our accomplishments both academically and during the competition season reflect a winning balance. Our members quickly learn to set priorities, to organize their time, and to work hard. These are essential skills for everyone and it is no surprise that our students are consistently among best and brightest Enloe has to offer!



Character Development

Being a member of the Enloe Eagle Marching Band begins with hard work and commitment to the group. Marchers must memorize both music and marching movements (drill) for a 7-8 minute show, for starters. The marching drill has them in nearly constant motion while playing - a skill that takes focus and patience to master. Developing that sense of responsibility to the group, and sharing in succeeding together, is a valuable life lesson learned in the marching band.


Our marching drill and music are custom written each summer for the exact number of members in the group; everyone has a place and responsibilities to "the show." No one sits on the bench in band, we need every member, every moment, for a successful performance!


Our members must be committed to punctuality and understand their actions impact everyone in the group. This sense of responsibility gets them to rehearsal on time and motivates them to prepare between rehearsals. There are times when our members are expected to maintain focus for long periods of time in adverse conditions, but they persevere because they rise to the challenge and they feel a strong sense of pride on the other side of such difficult moments. These shared experiences bind the band together with a strong sense of esprit de corps!



Student Leadership

The primary mission for student leaders in the marching band is to serve others with no regard for recognition, while developing leadership skills.


Our leaders were good followers first. They listened and followed instructions from staff and their very own peers. Now they work behind the scenes frequently when others are not even aware of their efforts. They do this because the rewards of selfless, hard work are very deep and very gratifying intrinsically.  Leaders are expected to work together with staff and other student leaders in the planning, executing and assessing of our program. 


In the course of executing our plan there are conflicts that test the resolve of our student leaders, those moments provide that great practical learning experience required to become more self aware and evolve into a stronger leader.  Leading peers can be difficult, especially in high school, and leaders sometimes doubt themselves.


The support of the staff and other student leaders ensures they persevere for the sake of the band! And in persevering they continue to develop into fine young ladies and gentlemen who become worthy of their trusted positions.


2024 Marching Band Student Leaders